Scout bonks a sentry away...

… and stuff

Bonus pic by a friend on my server

It’s my first pose/edit since months so please don’t be too hard to me, okay? :3

I like it

The editing is magistral, but angle and posing aren’t really interesting.

Just noticed the smoke seems to be “cut” in certain places, like the left corner of the picture.

Poor Sentry. Enhanched is gonna deep on this one. :v:

I don’t really care for the Heavy in the background but the rest of the picture is really awesome.

Looks awesome.

looks awsome,

I really like your style.


Woah, that’s actually really good. Although I’d hesitate to try that as any class, let alone Scout.

Editing is gut
posing is less then gut, but still gut

It looks pretty damn awesome, yet it lacks AA.

Why are the shells so blocky?

Scout’s bonkin my sentry!

I’m not really digging the snow. But it’s still pretty good.

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Default TF2 minigun shells :<

I won’t comment on the picture because you won’t accept me as friends on Steam :saddowns:

If only you could do this in TF2 as a scout.

Looks good.

Great! but it looks like next posts will be better!