scout-demon slayer

i’m sorry if you don’t like this one. i know scouts foot is off and it may seem like it took 10 seconds, but then again, you don’t know how hard it is to pose tf2 models

oh yeah, and scout’s neck is a little off


Listen God Damnit.

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Its not any better.

Well, atleast his one foot is on the ground.

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But honestly, did you even try? Did you even take my criticism?

What did i fucking tell you?

Scout’s foot is broken, His legs are rather stiff when he should be walking, the demons look like you just spawned them, and didn’t touch them, The dog tags are seriously clipping with his shirt. And you could of at least tried finger posing his hands to look better than default.


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And turn your AA to atleast 4xx for the love of god, you daft shit.

entire picture is off mate

Turn on your AA, graphics to max when taking picture

Camera angle is important, very important, it can be the one thing that can make a picture shit, or a masterpiece. Zoom in your camera too, but keep the camera at a good far distance, so everything will look generally better, ehanced ai made a tutorial on that with my perskin involved.

Posing is the most important, for myself i think of a pose before i even start up gmod, and when i think its good, i go make it. When posing you have to think about if its realistic as in would people in real life look like that? in your case, the scout you posed in like 11 seconds. No one walks like that, not even in a retarded cartoon.

Picture Content is also important. Basically what you have in your picture, i’d advise never to ever mix TF2 with anything else but other TF2, because TF2 is a cartoon and most everything else on gmod isn’t. No idea what the fuck is going in on behind him

Map Finding the right map for a pose is also very important, sets the mood, and environment. Yours is space on some random planet, makes no sense and the texture is complete shit.

Lighting lighting can make a picture good or bad, depends on how you use it, you obviously didn’t use it at all, so yea. I’d recommend not using lighting until you get your camera angles and posing down.

other posters aren’t good at Constructive criticism

you told me all was forgiven
you told me we would stop yelling at each other

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you told me we’d stop fighting
you told me you forgave me
you told me we’d stop yelling at each other

You writing a pop song dude?

Sounds like any Akon song to me.

They didn’t tell you you should keep ignoring other people’s advice

thank you

That was when you said you’d stop posting shit.

What did you just post? SHIT.



let’s just stop, ok?

I’ll stop when you stop posting cow shit :colbert:

your not helping infact your being just as bad and ignorant by swearing so much, cut it out


But its getting annoying that he’s constantly posting these threads.

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He posted so much in a small time span, uberslug actually had to combine all like 6 of the threads.

Maybe you should have kept that Justin Bieber avatar cause it sounds like one of his songs. Also the Star behind the Scout should implode to destroy this thread once and for all. Like I said in your other thread take your time and keep at it, so don’t post nothing untill you think your good enough to post something.

i dont get it

He’s just put random monster ragdoll drops behind the scout, with him standing there with a face like someone just farted…yeah I don’t get it either.

Oh no explanation how he killed said monsters/demons.

Seriously? You say that in Garry’s Mod section of this whole forum? Where people use these models on daily basis? You do realise there are modifications for these that make them MUCH more posable?