Scout Faces off against Dr. Destructoid & his Apprentice + 2 bonuses

Angle One

Angle Two (I just wanted to show the whole pose)

Bonus 1: Resident Fortress: The Mercenaries

I made this after playing The Mercenaries mode in RE:5. you get a time bonus for killing zombies using melee attacks such as high kicks to the face.

Bonus 2: Imperial Guard Showdown

Someone had to say it.

The oblivion Guard will win.

I like the second picture with the zombie engineer and soldier. The oblivion guard will win without a doubt, he’s ten levels higher.

Ah but the Warhammer Guard Rolled higher!

“STOP RIGHT THERE INTERGALATIC SCUM! Your stolen armor is at a forfet, pay the fine or go to jail!”

And mercinaries aren’t bad, they just haven’t played as long.
Most beta testers were AFK until the medals…

Okay, WHERE did that Luger come from?

lol intergalactic scum XD

It was included in an update to TF2 not too long ago. Poke around in TF2/weapons/c_models i think


Oh and nice picture.

its funny how the laser emits that much light on his chest plate but none on his shoulder while the laser is right next to it :confused:

Sweet posing. The pictures are pretty empty though.