Scout getting killed by medic in a very non-graphic way.. i promise.

okay i lied.

Just playing around really.

wow, realistic :smiley:

The gore looks nice!

Ouch, nice effects

Thanks =)

great. i was expecting this to be non-graphic and then my mom saw it and now shes gonna take away my internet. rated 1.

£50 says that’s not true


Why is your mother even letting you look at Facepunch? Swearing, violent or distressing images, pornographic content.

I very rarely open facepunch if someone else is in the room. Especially parents

I am iffy on the blood editing. In some spots it looks bad and in others (mainly his neck) it looks good.

Fucking scouts…

Medic is such a professional surgeon! Look at the precision not getting a single drop of blood on himself!
Rated arty

Gee. All the people in this thread talking about their parents watching their screens are making e feel old…

Nice blood effects though, looks like medic got himself a trophy kill.

"Remember when I said I would kill you last… I lied."

I like it.

Very nice. Good effects! I liked it :slight_smile:

Commando! God it took me ages to think what that was from

That’s pretty good GoldenBullet.

Why thank you FrEeKy ThInG

The Scout looks like he’s eating his earpiece!!