Scout - Heavy : Heavy - Scout


What a fresh setting, I’ve never seen that one before.

I no understand, why?

i think its somthing new and different in the TF2 Genre …and i like it to

I think I’ve seen a good lot of these “A group of TF2 characters standing faces towards the camera/walking towards the camera” poses during past few weeks alone. As nice as I think the editing is, it’s really not as fresh as most of the stuff you do.

Exo, that is when you say, “Sarcasm.”

Silly idea, I like it; but as Exo said, the whole TF2 guys huddled in/directed toward the camera is slightly dull.

those 20mm bullets wont fit into that shotgun, someone help

Koostum B’ilt Scatt’rgoon.

Sweet editing right there.