Scout is crazy!!!

My first attempt at post processing and without useing outside editing! (cause I suck at it)

I say scout had too much bonk

Hes supposed to be breaking the heavies leg, not trying to rape him

I dont understand whats going on…it looks like he was eating the heavy’s leg…


It looks more like he’s shitting on the Heavy’s bullets rather than giving it to him. Also:

Even girls like Pyro need some “relief”, sometimes.

But why SCOUT!?

Pretty sure that heads don’t bend that way.

There is no written rule that one must use outside editing. It often improves on the pic when done right no doubt, but the right utilisation of GMods own tools can often get you where you want.

Posing is a bit confusing. Work on the cam angles. And there is one written rule for screen shoots. Max graphic settings.

She’s probably after someone with a little kick in him.

so this isnt max settings? whoops…I also had to take this angle cause the scouts other leg went retarded, so this was the only angle I could hide it at

Rotating heads? Crazed screaming?!