Scout is going to get exterminated by the Soldier.

Did some experimenting with moving effects using the smudge tool (NOW MODIFIED WITH USING MOTION BLUR!!) :slight_smile:

And as seen from the eyes of the scout (Not modified):

Use motion blur, not smudge.

Motion Blur…

The inbuilt motion blur?


No! Edited motion blur!

Uuh. How?

Use a polygonagal lasso tool to outline it then make some motion blur. Well in photoshop thats how i do it.

Wait, I think I found out how :smiley:


Modified version:

Also added to OP.

I like the ‘LOL MAGGET’. I like it

Thanks :3

The posing is a wee bit off, but it’s nice.

Nice first try with blur, just a little bit to much though.

Uh, posing needs some work.

Use AA when taking screenshots.

PC doesn’t allow me to. The only option is “None”.

Soldier’s pose is awful.

I know. His right leg got stuck on the ground, and I couldn’t loosen it. I tried unfreezing it with the physgun, and ended up unfreezing the whole body ®.