Scout is mad with Engy

The scout is mad that the Engy placed his camp at a horrid spot.

From the snipers side.

C@C and any ideas on how I should edit this?

A little bit of bloom and depth of field maybe… don’t really like the sniper’s ragdoll but you captured the energy of the arguement perfectly, i like it!

Thanks. I thought about using DOF but then I thought, “You focus on the foreground, angry scout and engy.
But also the back ground, sniper walking past, and engy nest.” But if i remake it I will try what you said.

Any one else?


I mean 104 views but only one reply!

Fix the Sniper and Spy’s poses a bit, they seem, rigid and forced, a few extra props for detail (it seems VERY empty, and a bit of post processing such as bloom, and DOF, and you have yourself a very good screenshot.

Well I wanted to keep the road clear and I did add quite a few props. Guess next time I should add more.