Scout Looks Guilt in the Eye

A TF2 movie I made; weighing in at 5:30. Captions are available (possibly not in the embed version) if you don’t like the sentence-mixing.

Haven’t posted on Facepunch in a long, long time, but I figured this would be somewhat appreciated. I would also appreciate any and all hate-mail for 3:22 onwards.

That was too funny! great job, showing this to my friends!

I found it pretty funny. Don’t know why it has a dumb.
Lol i posted half way through, ending was funny, funny concept, hard to follow at times but still really fucking funny.

Pony or not that was funny as shit.

It kinda fell apart after 3:22, Not just because of the pony stuff, but it sort of dragged on.
But before that, it was pretty brilliant.
The soldiers fake snorring has pretty funny, and the spy beating the sentry with the sapper.
But that whole “horton hears a virus” cracked me up.

Definitely valid criticism. My brother said that too; after a lot of fast-paced comedy, there was just this “staring period” that slowed it down.

Ironically, the whole idea for the video came from that one section; then, a vast majority of the jokes I actually came up with as I was posing stuff. Example; “I don’t want to lip-pose soldier saying Do You Have The Intelligence, and the Demoman looks really uninteresting in back there. Maybe I’ll have him drinking from his bottle…but that on it’s own isn’t funny. Hmm…”
“Oh shoot, if the scout is going back there, won’t he have to kill the sentry again? I could just make it a short scene with no value…oh wait, that engineer is going to be mad at his sentry for shooting him, so…”

Stopped watching at the pony shit.