Scout making a mess

C&C :smiley:

Oh Scout. You messy, messy boy. Go and get a napkin.

“Haha! Puny Scout has spilled Bonk all over self!”


Acually, it looks like he is sneezing into the can.

What the hell?

Yes, well, just trying some new stuff :smiley:

“What the hell was that crap!?”

Love it :smiley:

At first I thought they were noxious fumes coming out of the can…


What is that green blob in the middle of the splash?

Maybe thats what bonk really is…

I don’t get whats going on in this picture… is the Bonk! rancid or something?

You’ve never opened a can of soda that has been shook?


Not so much that it becomes a jet…

Yeah but you’re also not a cartoon in a cartoon world.

I’ve done that before…but it didn’t go up that high.

It’s called humour. Exaggeration…

Yeah it struck me as him opening a can of something really rotten, and getting a whiff of the stench coming out… Cartoon-style.

edit Also, when you thinking about it, how fast does the spray from a can normally spit out? The Heavy must have lightning fast - literally - reaction times to be able to stop eating, look strangely at the Scoot and point :smiley:

Maybe…maybe he was already laughing at a kick me sign on the scouts back, yeah, thats it

This picture made me hungry.