Scout Mechs Come Across A Band of Mercenaries Under Attack


Anywho, I decided to jump on the band wagon of Lost Planet poses. So here we are.

To be honest, I haven’t been all too proud of some of my latest work. This, on the other hand, I am quite proud of.

Now, to think of future Vortigaunt stuff and planning on posting other shit stuck in my folder.

Filesmelt is zappin your picture :confused: I cant see it.


Lol, you already have an artistic… someone else can see the picture or just randomly rated you artistic :stuck_out_tongue:


Now its an informative, odd.


Pic is now loading, comment below :smiley:

Filesmelt been having server issues a lot recently :frowning:

Fucking shit.


There. Now comment. Go go. :slight_smile:

I was smiling when I saw the composition, angle, and detail.

Then I saw the splashes in the river and I sad faced.

Eh, it was an experimental process.

The big bug is like “Whats up? :buddy:”

Splashes need some work, but the angle and contrast/color/look of the pic is quite nice :slight_smile:

Oh dear god i would shit my self so many times if i had to fight that thing in a game, Awesome pose.

Oh right think their from lost planet? then i shall buy that game soon.

Baaaaad idea. Don’t buy it. Rent it if you must. Possibly one of the worst games I’ve ever played.

Anyway, the shot’s very nice with the exception of the water effects. It just looks too fake to me. Maybe add some ripples from the splashes? Everything else is fantastic, though, particularly the way you’ve set the contrast.

Holy shit. That is scary. Have an artistic sir.

And what model is that big spider? Never seen it around.

It’s one of the creatures in the Lost Planet model pack.

LP,, search it.

Also thanks for the comments. The splashes were a spontaneous thought so I didn’t expect too much praise over them.

At least people like the more important bits.

You’ve inspired me for a pose but I can’t find the model pack :saddowns:

And the pic comments:
I like the composition and bugs :smiley:
But I think one of the mercenaries should be shooting while retreating.

Here they are.

Get the Tactical Bug Spray out.

Ain’t gonna help against itsy bitsy spider here:)

omg it’s that big spider thing from lost planet 2

Aha, thanks.

The splashes look kinda bad but the lighting on the spider is God-like.

Nice, but the splashes…

Thanks, and I stress: