Scout model!

A model of scout for player model stuffs and junk like that…

I have a video serries on youtube so i need one for the next vid i make I cant keep using ragdolls it’s not working as best as it could. Please help

Plz do the red one ill accept the blu one too

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No, it will be warez

Im sorry but im unsure what warez means.

He means distributing the actual TF2 content without you having payed for it, but seeing as you said you have the Scout model as a ragdoll, I don’t see the problem (other than a playermodel would need to be re-rigged which isn’t easy so no-one is likely to bother, unless they already did).

Well snood made one but never relesed it which is odd he stoped working on all them and they were just test models but i only need a few anims like his bat swing and walking

Its just a short (maybe about 2 mins) thing all i need is those 2 things.

EDIT: WHat would taking the model and raplacing a citizen model file with it do? would it do anything?

It would crash the game, seeing as I have lua for that and it does :stuck_out_tongue: Also it will likely be quite deformed if you get to see it before it crashes.


I wonder why it hasn’t been done yet… I mean Its a TF2 model TF2 is a great game AND ITS FUN!

people have done the cube its a hexed cube model almost exactly the same