Scout Scope Error.

When playing on a jailbreak server, i get the following error:
—Missing Vgui material sprites/scope

here’s some screenshots:,F9L8tfa

any help on how to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Check the scope texture that is used in the SWEP.

erm… i don’t think i know what that means haha…
i don’t think the weapon is a SWEP

The weapon has to be part of a SWEP unless it’s a default HL2 weapon. It’s probably in gamemodes/jailbreak/entities/weapons

i don’t see a gamemodes/jailbreak/entities/weapons folder :stuck_out_tongue:
only folders in my gamemodes folder are a terrortown one, a sandbox one, and a base folder.

Maybe the gamemode is a workshop addon or in garrysmod/addons?

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Is this your server?

this is not my server, i’m super admin on it, the owner added this rifle last night, and i seem to be the only person experiencing this problem.
and it is not in garrysmod/addons.

Do you have CS:S installed and mounted?

I Do not own CS:S, i used the ••••••••• addon for textures.

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well the addon that you can download and use…

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Is there anything i can download that’ll fix this?

It’s probably your content pack that’s causing the issue then.