Scout Takes Aim

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Oh by the way this is my first pose in 3 or 4 years so yea D: Also I have absolutely no editing skills besides making that laser, D:

“Boom, heartshot.”

Erverone think this was TF2 Scout?

I did when I made the name xD

i thought it was the TF2 scout too

should’ve been 'Forest Sniper Takes Aim"

Yeah, kinda.

Yeah but the SAS doesnt normally do assasination missions so It would make more sence if he was a scout moving ahead to do what he does best

Well…it could’ve been a sniper team. “Forest Sniper” covers that.

“Even though you broke my heart and killed me”

They must be blind not to notice that huge green laser

Lol thanks for pointing that out xD


No one’s told me how bad the shadowing is yet? I feel good :smiley:

Bad shadows, unrealistic.

:smiley: There I said it.

One, Why on earth would a Sniper ever have a laser sight on his rifle?
Two, Why wouldn’t he be in bushes, or grass at least.
Lastly, when confronted with multiple contacts at such a close range, I extremely doubt, and can honestly say that a Sniper would never reveal his position in this situation.

Posing is good, but you can kinda tell you used flatgrass. :slight_smile: Work on it a bit, this isn’t CoD4.

Lol thanks, I just loaded up gmod and said WHAT SHALL I WORK ON NOW?! And I decided this. I’ll get something else done that Might be better. Also I was planning to have a Ghillie suit soldier with a stinger take out the MI-8 but I gave up after 10 seconds of posing cause I couldnt get him to hold the Stinger Launcher right.

Why give him a launcher that’ll expose him more if he carries it on his back or anywhere it stands out more than a m82…

They probably thought it was some green string trying to be a forest camouflage, when it’s neither. :v:

Green laser is an odd addition to the picture.

Well I thought it was cool

Bad posing from what i can see, bad map, no attempts to cover it up


My statement: The laser should be less visible and you should use a different camera angle.
And to undergird my statement, have an ironic picture:

You best friend