Scout takes Sasha out for Dinner

Steak dinner.

haha god damnit

Where’d ya get the dead fish? and new burger patty? Lol

There the TF2 censored gibs, look in the TF2 spawnlist

Also, the comic or pic is fucking hilarious and random at the same time. WTF was the Demoman doing in the car

The burger patty looks like brains. Good posing though.

Flawless execution Butthurter

Where’d you get that picnic table?

Do I need to dig deeper through the tf2 models?

Wait a minute…who’s that guy in the background sitting with Grigori?

Did I miss an update?

Nah you missed a model :smiley:

Hot stuff butthurter

Who is that awesome guy in the backround, and how did you facepose them like that?!

I was also wonderin who that guy was, i knew the death of the scout was coming :frowning:

It’s the old Human player from leaked TF2

Where did that guy get the leak TF2 human from


It’s a mystery.

RedBeret. He converted the “Humando” and released it on a long, long time ago. I reskinned it to be more current TF2ish.

I was originally going to make the Heavy throw the Scout into the rocket right above their heads in this new Fastlane map, but I decided throwing the Scout to a drunken hobo would have been better.

Does this mean the Heavy is taking the Scout’s bat out to lunch?

10/10, that’s excellent ^^

Doctor does not approve of heavy’s diet.

Falling reminded me of this.

Oh god, I remember that video a long time ago. Haha.