Scout Troopers In Battle

the effects aren’t very canonical

The effects don’t look very good.
But good use of those hover bikes, but goddayumn how I wish we had the actual… “hover bikes” that go with those scout troopers

Only thing i didn’t like that came out was the flames out of the rear of bike.


That i agree on too but they are laser guns i guess.

Agreed on the effects, they look off. I like the pose though.

You beat me to this though, I’ve had the idea floating around in my head since I downloaded that model. But yours is much better executed than mine would have been :v:

You rang?
That won’t take long to port.

Guessing the “laser shots” was a bad idea but was going for that star wars scene, I still like it tho could of been much worst.

What’s with the yellow tracers?

I was expecting A massive army of TF2 scouts wearing combine armor charging heavys or something…

I am dissapointed, but I still like the picture.

Someone makes a thread named “Stormtroopers advancing” and you’ll think of some weird soldiers in a storm.

Their gun laser firing you know from the star wars movies all the shit flying around when their on ground but i guess i failed to much for what i was going for.

The posing and camera angle are great… but the effects. 0_o

I don’t get what’s with the big bunch of bright yellow blood brushes-looking things, or the bendy tracers. It’s very odd.

I dont like the tracers. Everythins else seems good.

nice blood.
those models are smexy too

The explosion in the background looks like a balloon of exploding piss, as for everything else, it looks very sloppily done. Not impressed at all.

Standard blaster bolts are red. Some blaster weapons have green or yellow bolts, but they’re mostly red.

Did you port the hover bikes from Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy? If so are you able to port the Rancor? That’d be awesome :fuckyou: