Scout waited too long for the shot

I’m trying to do some team fortress 2 type of pic and here is two of them.

and the extra pic.

All in-game editing.
comments and stuff are welcome as always

first pic is awesome and funny

second pic is just fucking hysterically funny.

Amazing ideas, I now love you forever, you should add me on Steam.

I’m fucking serious.




you did it better though

Bullshit. you are lying.

  1. dang it I knew some one did it before

  2. I lie to you not

Drop dead (lol pun) freaking amazing.
So realistically posed, and the 3D one is just hilarious.


the second pic makes me wonder what kind of movie they watch
the heavy tells me it’s horror,but the engie tells me porn…

It’s both.

0_o L4D piorn?

These pics are awesome. :v:

The first made me lol so hard, hahaha it was awesome.

Amazing. Really nice in-game edit.


The first picture is too awesome - Can’t possibly be ingame editing.

Anyway , looks great.

Ingame Editing?
Holy Christ Dude!! This is amazing work.

He must have ran out of Bonk.

Awesome man. Creative stuff.

I want to watch that video…

I did, the acting is so horrible I laughed until I cried.