Before you read this I give credit to Jason278 for making the model and BenjaMuffin on gamebananna for making it a tf2 in game skin: I didn’t make this I just took it from here and took out the beat up face.

Red bandaged up scout:
Blu bandaged up scout:

if its just to things that say scout_blue and scout_red put them in materials-models-player-scout

this is for tf2 and if you want gmod, it will replace scout in gmod (sorry for no seprate models its just for tf2 but you can make it for gmod toooooo :3)
MAYBE WORK MAYBE NOT IM NEW SO I NO KNOW HOW TO DO IT RIGHT! one last thing if you want Jason278’s model for gmod go here ->


Wow your fucking dumb, also Jason278 already released this as an Hex

Why are all of your threads and posts shit?



He is just trolling us.

Limp Bizkit - Rollin"… He changed it to “Trollin’”

i know its just some one released it as a scout skin for in game tf2

(yes mesa does know i a dumb assssss)

yet, you take something straight from game banana, made in the emporium, and not once give the owner credit

and once more, its for TF2, this is a gmod release section

read all of it and my reply to aaron m202

Benjamuffin made the scout bandaged, jason hexxed it, not the other way around


You never even replied to me.