Scouting the Terrain

I make ragdoll poses every now and again when I get the time and inspiration. Unfortunately, I’m very lacking in editing skills (I look at some of the screenshots here and I just absolutely have a nervous breakdown from the sheer quality of them sometimes) and I’d like some feedback. This is just a regular screenshot with only ingame editing and Super DOF. Enjoy, and sorry about the size of it.


That’s what he said…

I just had to.

Well, the pic size is cool. but why are those guys so relaxed when they are scouting?
especially the first guy … the leader is either a badass or fucking dumb.

The posing isn’t that bad, a little loose. The picture is pretty boring, there isn’t really anything happening. Some foliage on the ground in the middle would have really helped.

I wanted to start a bit slow with the posing and not dive right into action-y stuff. I do agree that I probably should get some more foliage into the picture.

On the topic of why they’re so relaxed, I’d chalk it up to either new recruits not giving a fuck or some art from Medal of Honor Allied Assault being my inspiration.