Scouts always have it tough :(

It’s a remake of something I done years ago

I’ll also throw these in for shits.

This is the first time I’ve posted here for fucking aaaaaages.

They’re great

lol, both pictures are awesome

Racist Cps… Nice pics

Why thank you.

I remember that old pic you did.
Good times…

First picture is pretty funny and the editing is good. The second picture is edited really well in some places (the blood) and less well in others (the tracers). The posing in the second picture is mostly decent but the guy reloading looks really awkward.

Great lighting (in the first one), and good crossover idea. All the essentials are filled in both.

I liked the first one more though, less generic, less grainy. And I’m seconding ChestyMcGee on the guy reloading.

Thanks, I don’t really see how he looks really awkward though tbh. He’s got his back against the wall and he’s looking at the guy to the left.

Thanks though, I don’t mean to sound like a prick as if there’s nothing wrong with it.

I’ll focus it anyways, though, I don’t mean really awkward, just awkward. I said I simply seconded Chesty to give him “credit” for the note, which I didn’t make before he pointed it out.

Also, I didn’t get the idea of the picture first (spy sneaking past as a CP, not necessarily as an enemy of the scout), probably because I didn’t understand to whom the scout’s expression was “meant to”. It’s my fault, though, and almost could say your merit, mens there’s something to think about the picture, not just, well, a pretty picture.