Scout's legs missing...?

Hey everybody!
As we all know the community can upload items’n stuff for TF2 via the Steam Workshop now.
Well I’m not a pro at 3D-Modelling, but I just wanted to do something.
So now, when I test my new item for the Scout ingame, it just hides his legs.

Is that normal for testing or did I made something wrong? In the Itemtest menu I didn’t checked the box for hiding the legs, so I don’t know what the problem is here…
Thanks for every answer! :slight_smile:

Recompile the model. then start up Itemtest again.

Is that a birck at scout’s head?

Me gusta.

Did you compile it as a replacement for one of the items that replace the scout’s shoes?


Well up to now I only recompiled the model a few times by using the SDK’s itemtest.
Is there a big difference between that way and compiling it manual?

No, it’s not a replacement at all. It’s a whole new headgear item.

I can imagine alot of hilarious reskins for that.

A plank nailed to his head??

EVEN MORE AWESOME. I really like this. :dance:

That happens when on some maps. and they are wearing the stuff from Monday Night Combat promotion.

and he has a plank on his head :confused:

I edited that thing and made it for Heavy now:

So you think I shall just try it on another map?

You need to change bodygroup! I never tried itemtest but i’m sure you can change it somehow
Try ent_fire entityname setbodygroup in console
But i don’t have any idea of how that tool works