Scout's Meeting with Zoey

By the way:

I thought you were done posing.

I am.

Nice lighting.
Slight clipping on the trigger guard and her arm.
Whats with the demon white eyes?

And why?

No, she’s just staring at the skies. Wondering how to practice with the new weapon Saxton Hale regrettably created.

Mmm I wonder what Zoey could do to with the Heavy’s weapon…

Loved the comic. You and demoniclemon looked more human:keke:

I thought you finished posing the other day. Why did you lie to us? :frowning:

I didn’t. That was my last pose.

I thought my avatar was the last pose.

It was.

reminds me of Mirror’s Edge

You can’t stop posing Butthurter! We love you here.

NO! NO! NO! You can’t stop Butt! You make my mornings. I can’t take it… :smithicide:

But you just said this was your last pose.


Hmm i wonder how a boy gets raped. Anyone care to tell me.

It is when a dildo, strapon, or even a penis itself penetrates through an unwilling man’s ass.

Oh ok.:suicide:

Well the Scout is fucked. He should either run or shoot himself.

If I were the scout, I would enjoy every second of it.

Oh Boy…