Scouts mother intel paper?

Anyone make a particle effect like TF2s intel paper, but pics of scouts mother?

HAHAHA now THIS i would like to see

Theres a particle effect editor but i’ve yet to work out how to access it.

If you figure it out please let me know, as i’d like to make/edit some aswell.

It says right in the article how to access it:

Note that you use GMOD as the game with -tools, you have to set do all the loading, saving, and editor swapping at the main menu. Doing it in a map/server will cause you problems.

The material editor was the only thing of interest to me. I’ve never touched the particle editor outside a quick glance.

That’s what I wasn’t sure on, if I could do it in GMod or not. Also what material editor?

It works with any Orange Box engine game (not sure about Zeno Clash, though).

The material editor allows you to edit .vmt’s directly ingame and see the result without having to refresh the textures from the console. It even shows some very little known .vmt commands. Extremely useful.

It, the particle editor, and a commentary editor are all available when you use -tools.

Sounds cool i’ll have to try it out, if I can get any of my steam based games to work (as another one seems to drop into unavaiablity each day ¬,¬)