Scouts on Hoth

Dunno, somethin’ simple, merry Christmas guys

I like it!

Nice, although I notice some tiny clipping on the right scout’s right wrist, and by the look of his fingers he isn’t really gripping the gun.

When were there trees in Hoth?

When were people so technical? :smug:

personally I was thinking this was going to be a TF2 pic. but nice non the less

I’ve never seen those models before.

Which makes this pic. original :buddy:

Good posing too.

guy on the left is shooting a bug

How do you know they aren’t on a hill? :black101:

Since they had seen Empire Strikes Back.

There’s no trees on Hoth.

But still, nice pic. Too bad there aren’t many Star Wars weapons around.

After reading the thread title, in my mind I pictured the invasion on Hoth, only with hundreds of Scouts from TF2 as ground troops and Heavy’s driving the AT-AT’s.

But this is still cool, if not a little odd (there were trees on Hoth? And why are they just standing around like - ahem - posers?). Pallete’d because it’s a picture that works.

I love Star Wars, those models are awesome.

it’s generic

Generic and rather dull, but hot damn I can’t wait for these models to be released.