Scouts Row 3

I don’t know what your trying to achieve here?

To parody this

I must have done it poorly

Oh I see. Probably could of chosen something better / different. Everyone does stupid tf2 videos these days, its gotten repetitive and fiendish.

Unless it’s Rubberfruit, then people can’t get enough of it.

Thanks anyway for the criticism

Soooo, does that mean you shouldn’t have made the video?

TF2 videos can be stupid and just full of memes. But if they’re executed right, they can be comedy gold…

…even if it is a 20 second clip that kills 400,000 brain cells in 12 seconds.

You got a good idea, you should of had the part where Scout comes out and BOINK’s Heavy done in G Mod, not using his “Meet the…” video.

i found it funny.