Scout's Story [Interactive]

Jump over him and shoot at his face

the posing is really bad

like, work on it. right now, before you do another strip.

f2p noob, oh the irony.

F2P players < Players who paid for the game

Bribe the Pyro with some Crit-a-Cola and/or Atomic Punch

Now how should Smith deal with the Sniper.

Throw another ball at him


The sniper dies. Do it.

do the thing every fps:er does when they know a snipers around, run in zickzack.


He hits the bullet with his bat and gets a home run right into sniper’s face

>Pick up bonk helmet and drink from one of the bonk drinks on it.

add the 2 bonk drinks to your bat in order to triple the firing speed

Reminds me of fusing them together to get atomizer lol

The scout should stop standing and moving so awkwardly.

Take the axtinguisher and toss it into the sniper’s face.

immedietley pick up fish covered in hankerscheifs and incepacitate the sniper then transform into a pile of computer cooling fans

What now?