Scout's Usual[ly unusual] day

A video I made while testing out a new video editor I have and revamping my… still flawed posing/editing skills. Yes, it is really short, but I definitely did way more than 30 seconds of work. There’s really not too much to explain. If you don’t find it funny, then this isn’t your type of humor.

If you are interested in how I made the video, then read on. What I first did was look through some voice clips and played around with them until I had a general idea of a “story”. In my audio editor I put all the sounds together, edit them (with reverberation or anything else), and render it to an mp3. I then posed the characters and took pictures for stop-motion. In the end I edited them into place (which to me was the hardest part since I have to synchronize all the clips, and the program is a little bit laggy) and published it. Some people like to do it different ways, but I find this way easier and more organized.

That was pretty funny, and i’d say that was some good posing.
Good job, buddy.

I found it funny and random. Nice job. Have a laughing face.

Very nice short!

…that CBS at the end?

This was great, especially the Sniper at the end. I loved the “The Movies” music as well.

Heads up, quite literally.