Would be much like the “Harmless Companion Cube” entity, except, well…

Also, see this video:

So, basically, it kills things when in contact with them and not in eyesight.

OK, i got no idea what that site or video was about, but one thing is sure;
I’m not touching this Question with a ten-foot-pole!

Fascinating site, but:
No one’s looking at it, it kills nearest person (as long as it’s not contained).
People are looking at it, does nothing.

Someone needs to make this where it can only use pathfinding to get at you but no noclip through objects. The version on Toybox noclips and it sucks because of that :confused:

I think it’s on Toybox, can’t you get it from there?

It is, but i mean as though one that cant no clip and fly through objects, but just pathfinds a way around them