SCP:CB SCP-966 Port Request [$$$]

Aight guys, so, thanks to Vasey I got my hands on the ported model of SCP-966 from SCP:CB. I’m searching to hire somebody who could turn it into a playermodel(It will need custom animations).

By your use of 3 USD symbols, am I right in assuming that you will be offering a 3 digit payment in USD?

Nope, that’s a misunderstanding actually.

How much money are you offering?

Price will be negotiable, depends on how much the modeller asks for and if I can cover that ammount to be completely honest!

I’ve got this done. I can it to work perfectly fine as a simple ragdoll, but a playermodel it will either require me to make a new set of animations (something I’ve never done and probably don’t intend to learn) or I can try and adjust the proportions of the model (make its arms and legs shorter, etc).

Currently has the normal applied rather than the specular, I don’t know how to have both at the same time.

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