Scrap Heap Challenge - mod

Is it possible to make this serie in mod for GMOD ?

For poeples who don’t not this serie:

-The game consist of making a vehicule , that the game master say ( airboard , supersonic train , buldozer, …) , in 12 hours ( we can define 6minutes for one hours in Gmod).

-You are 3 or 4 per team ,maximum 3 team (depend of the slot of the server).
-No phx props , only hl2 props aadn wire tools.
-Finds the props you need in a large list of props
-Make your vehicule with your team

then , when the time is over , play the challenge with the vehicul you made and try to win.

Challenges ; for exemple in airboard category -> through a wide river a fast as possible to make the best time.
in fireman category -> extinguish 3 point in fire in the lowest time .

this mod could be really awsome !

( sorry for my english , im a dumbass french )

This idea had allready bin posted lots of times, Altough the idea is good the chances of it actuly being made are close to zero

Also next time put something like [Idea] in your thread name. I allmost tought someone acutuly started making this mod =(

ok , thx .

he didnt have to put idea in thread name because its posted in request section

There is no “Gamemode request” section here >.>

i meant the post icon mixed up the words

Scratch the wire tools, E2 would make everything far too easy. This seems like something that could benefit from some good old-fashioned gmod ingenuity.

Sorry bad reading.