What is Scrapvasion?
Scrapvasion is a genre mixture of rts and invasion,
which is where the name that originally game from
invasion, the gamemode is based on two teams.
Your team and the invaders(The Scraps).

What do you do?
In Scrapvasion the main object is basicly to defend your command center from the Scraps. Your command center which is your spawn point, this you will need to defend from the scraps to survive. There are 5 classes to choose from each class has a different purpose in helping defend against the army, before the assault beings you get a 5-10minute build time to get ready for the army. You will be able to build over 10 objects depending on if your team has built them or not.

The Classes and their jobs?
[li]Scavenger: This class is used as a find of collector class, that will collect trash an rubish from around the map and bring it back to scavenge it for parts, but this class must beware at all times because there could be tiny scrap monsters defending these before it has even started!
[/li][li]Engineer: A basic class used in many games his/her main purpose is to build objects for the game, which all buildings will be shown in a list as soon as possible.
[/li][li]Demolitioner: An idea i had that a Demolitioner class would help defend the base by planting explosive mines stuff round the base as traps and objects to freeze them for a few seconds this class is a great offense/defensive class as it can also sneak and plant a explosive or two and blow the bigger crap monsters to pieaces.
[/li][li]Rifleman: A full on offensive class which main purpose is to hold guns and fire them, based class to get in there and fight off the enemies as they approach your base.
[/li][li]Specialist: A class that can use special abilities but only for sort times such as cloaking, this class is also enabled to carry special stuff that only this class can use.

[li]Command Center: This building is your main center where you are spawned from, you can also change class from this point as well.
[/li][li]Armory: This is where you can come back to recharge your ammo and upgrade ur weapons and change class and stuff.
[/li][li]Controllable Turret: Player controllable turrets to defend the center.
[/li][li]Research Facility: Used for researching weapons which players are enable to use.
[/li]-- List not done yet –

Media coming really soon!

Mappers do not need to place any spawns on their maps only a command center, player spawns will then be generated in spots around the command center. This is used so mappers can have a random command center anywhere around their map so you’ll never be in the same spot each time you play a map it will be random.

How much is done?

whoa cool man i whis i could actual lua so my game was cool like yours

Can’t wait to see this one. :buddy:

Ooh, this one sounds interesting.

Yep, needs some uber cool pics to go with it, because they are worth a thousand words each :slight_smile: