Scratch gamemode or Fretta 13?

I am trying to make a gamemode, but I am trying to figure out what would be the best route. I want the gamemode to be like mini games, I do not want it to have its own gamemode tab really. When I tried coding it in fretta it kept spewing out


. I looked around and everything should be valid. My folders are all correct. I have all the base files I need to get in game: shared, init, and cl_init. All of the folder names are correct. The gamemode.txt should be correct and it is deriving from fretta 13. I have tried multiple downloads of fretta 13 and each one still returns that error.

I have been comparing my gamemode files to this: . That gamemode works perfectly fine in garrys mod when everything is changed to derive from the fretta 13 folder.

DO you think I should just build one from scratch or try to fix this one? gain this is not meant to have its own gamemode tab, its going to be a bunch of minigames.

I’ve been using Fretta13 since around January, and my feelings are very mixed.

Fretta is good in that it has built in rounds, timers and gamemode changing features. If you’re building basic gamemodes or want a place to start out, I recommend it. I had no previous coding experience and learnt a lot from using it.

Fretta is bad in that it is barely used any more, meaning you are basically on your own to fix issues. Almost all pre-existing gamemodes made for it do not work anymore, and little to none have been publicly released/converted, so you are going are basically going to have to create all the minigames yourself or fix up old ones.

Also, understand that the gamemode changing thing is somewhat broken at the moment, so Minigames can be a little hard to do and will be a lot of effort to make work, since you’re basically going to have to do anything yourself.

I’d recommend branching out from Fretta personally. I feel as if you would learn more and be able to build up more skills by doing so.

I figured out what I did wrong. I named the folder “gamemodes” and not “gamemode”, but I am just going to attempt to make a full scratch gamemode.

I have been coding weapons, addons, and a bank robbery system for darkrp. I think I should have enough experience to do it, I just sorta want it done now. Right now my dedicated server I am paying for really isn’t getting much action except for the prophunt server, team fortress server, and the teamspeak server.

I Sorta feel like I am wasting money, so decided to try and make a new gamemode to attract more people. I just hope it actually gets played. I do not feel that the new system for gamemodes gives enough light to other gamemodes.

I am going to be following this:

Thanks for your help.

I personally recommend making your own gamemode. It allows for a lot more customization, creativity, and it’s a great learning experience. With Fretta, it gives you a nice base to begin with but there’s a lot of things you’d have to fix along the way. It’s a personal choice with which route you choose.