A recent mech I built using a fluid hip joint that incorporates mouse-control, strafing, and jumping.
This was less a test of a mouse-controlled mech and more of a test of fluid hip movement and faffing about with ballsocket linedraw and Advanced Ballsocket.

Everything on it uses applyForce except for the torso turning, as there wasn’t a central prop that I’d like to manipulate with it.

Bah I could program that in my sleep

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damn thats pretty cool… wire i’m guessing?

yeah, it’s wire - can’t do applyForce without it to my knowledge.

Mind = Blown.

Fucking E2, I need to learn it.

:oo im aura

that was fun to play with

only thing id fix would be if your standing still, have the legs come together.

It could be better in my opinion, now it just looks like a mech using the wheel technique.

but it isnt :smiley:

Its not really the days of gmod mechs that were made to be different really.
This apply force technique really over rules the pint and agony of placing a thruster on each individual bit and getting it at the right force. Now this is just bad, not because the contraption is bad, the contraption is GOOD but the fact that its too easy to get fluid movement now takes the shine away from good mechs/robots

Agreed, that’s my opinion on applyForce in general, there is almost no need for tweaking or anything. And you can do applyforce without any problem. And personally think that “old school (Thrusters)” is better.

This is one of the fastest moving mechs i have ever seen. Change the materials and it would look much nicer. People these day wan’t to build the super heavy mechs with all the fancy big guns not realising that a mech like this could ourmanuver their guns and PWN them from the back.

Eurocracy2: Now we can make mechs easily the trick would be to either: Make one the hard way OR Replicate a much that exists elsewhere are realistly as possible.

That’s amazing, very nice use of applyforce. Could we get a dupe, it’s the best mech i’ve seen.

looks great to me

Read what you just said and then decide if you need to change anything in that sentence to make it understandable.

On the mech, it looks nice with the movements, but the method is bawwwww. Also, it looks like it’s running backwards D:. The mech itself is kindah boring and needs work, but the movement is nice.

Alright, I’ll see your claim that mechs with thrusters is better due to agonizing placement. I’ll raise you an older e1 mech I made.

Now, I put this to you, if your chipset is good enough and you have a set system down for your walker (thruster placement, etc), how is it any different than understanding the concepts behind a movement system and applying them as an all-in-one chip? It saves you time in the long run.

It’s gotten to the point where it takes only about an hour to crank out one of these mechs, tweaking thruster “placement” and internal values is done within a small block of code.

So, instead of spawning 4 regular thrusters, 2 vector thrusters, 2 beacon sensors, 2 locator beacons, 2 expression gates, one constant value chip, and doing small tweaks to the thrusters themselves, I can do all of that within a single chip. There’s less entities flying around, at the very least, reducing potential lag.

Trust me, the chip only does so much in this case, you have to know what you’re doing in terms of construction to build the actual chassis without it going tits up.

Also I’ll point out that there is a reason it is the mk51 - there are another fifty of these using various wire based methods on a stable elastic frame not counting special, gimmick or group builds. I can honestly say that there is no longer any tweaking when it comes to making a simple bipedal set of legs with thrusters. Vector or otherwise. I just took the next logical step.

I will point out that the pilot in the original video is a newbie to GMOD, in fact, he just picked it up today. He helpfully drove it around without having to figure out what the buttons did, or fidgeting with complex turning systems. He piloted it like you’d expect one of these to be piloted. That is something you can’t really ignore, the ability to make complex contraptions user friendly and intuitive.

So, I see a mech in the video, and then the inside of the mech… shouldn’t I be seeing legs?

Why haven’t you built a mech using applyforce if its so easy then?

Just for you

Okay you “win”. But I am just pointing out that if it turns out that applyforce makes everyone able to make really good mechs then the overall effort put in them would be none.Tbh I like this alot, but if all were able to do this. It wouldn’t be anything special and the good mechs will be sort of lost in the crowd.

But I see your point. It’s just that if building something in gmod isn’t a challenge in anyway, it will become boring. That’s how I see it.

I just have said negative things about your mech, so I will say some good ones now:
I like the idea and it’s well done, I haven’t seen something like this somewhere else.
So I like it, but I don’t like the idea that everyone should be able to make such good mechs. It would suck the fame and joy of making mechs overall (As wire engines became).

There you happy now?

the other mech looked nice but again decorate it.