Scrds error message

Since the last update of Gmod, I now


(repeats about 6 times before the server continues to do its job) get a error message everytime I start up the server and sometimes when the server is running. It mainly occours after the console prints “Excuting Dedicated server config file”. I’m Running the Server on Win7 - 64 and I didn’t have this error message before the last update.

What have I done about it?

Today I reinstalled everything, game content, addons, srcds. Still get the error when I start the gmod server.

Is it making problems?

Not really. The error message prevents srcds to start up when it appears and has frozen the game if it appears while the server is up and running.

Any idea’s what it may be? Apart from it can’t find an entry point anymore. Also anyone else getting this error?

It’s normal just ignore it.

What she said.

I get it too.

So do i, it isn’t affecting the server though.