SCRDS FastDL for Free?

Can I setup a FastDL on my server?

I need it to be the following:
Hosted Not on My Home Connection

Can This be done?

I just need to put some maps in there and some other stuff.

Why all bold
Also, dropbox

I fixed the all bold, but I am not sure how to use Dropbox to have a FastDL on my server, can you explain in more detail please?

You can afford xenforo and you cant afford a $4/month VPS for FastDL?

He saved his allowance for months for that.

You could try using dropbox as a main source of fast dl. It’s very fast and reliable. It can be somewhat slow sometimes but it works perfect.

This is a stupid idea; Dropbox isn’t meant for this and you’ll easily run over your traffic cap.

OP, as previously mentioned, just buy a VPS and host the stuff on there.

I ran a popular TTT server for while only on Dropbox. I never hit any caps. Nothing wrong with Dropbox, for most people at least.

You’ll run out of bandwidth if you have lots of files to be downloaded / lots of users.

I just use the ‘small’ vps from Kimsufi - Really fast download speeds and cheap as shit

I could offer you some space… but i dont know how to setup fastdl.
1Gbs guaranteed.
PM me if you are interested, OP.