So yesterday I ran a gamemode that I was in the progress of fixing, and the sweps were all sped up. What I mean is the animations were all faster than they should have been. Weapons reloaded pretty much instantly. After hours of butthurt and thinking the timers on the SWEPs animations were messed up, I put the gamemode on normal GMOD listen server (running it through gamemode folder). SWEPs worked fine. So I’m not sure if anyone has a SCRDS fix for this, but it fucks shit up…makes me RAAAAGGE.

Yes. Fix your code.

If you read the post all the way through, the code was not the problem. It was SCRDS.

You didn’t install the models on the srcds properly.

Was it Linux srcds by any chance?

No. And in reply to Wizard, I used ‘Slayer’s Dedicated server installer’ (made by sadistic slayer) and I installed the css stuff. I will work with it later today and see what I can do. Thanks.

I know this issue, it must be missing models.