SCRDS "IDP.Generic.9BA7F0" virus


I didn’t know whether to choose Developer Discussion or General Discussion but I went with this one, I hope it’s correct.
So I just restarted my .bat file to launch my server with srcds, and all of a sudden I a virus warning from AVG:

It’s weird especially because I’ve restarted the server all day and now it just all of a sudden happened. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about but I googled and found only one thread related to it without any real answers. Is there anyone one else who has run into this?

Probably a false alert - try using another scanner. If it still pops up try using an online scanning website.

I doubt it came from steam servers since a lot more people would be complaining about it. If it really does have a virus then your machine is probably compromised.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware said it has no virus, so probably false yea :slight_smile:

There’s a Help thread for a reason, guy.

“If you’re having problems **PLAYING **GMod then this is the place for you.”

Also a word of advice:

Ditch AVG and get avast!, AVG has been really shit these past few years. Doesn’t catch shit, and has a high false positive rate.

Ditch AV all together. Don’t run untrusted executables or send them to virustotal first.

Can’t hurt to have an antivirus program anyway? Like firewall stuff…s.

Hate to reply so late, but this is such a bad mindset.

It’s not all about running bad exe files, you can get infected in many other ways that do not require user intervention.

Never go without a good Antivirus.

If its something that can’t be prevented by the user (e.g. a zero day), an AV sure as hell can’t do anything about it. Unless you’re a pleb that uses shovel-ware and untrusted freeware AV has no use.

This is really dumb advice for anyone to follow, Jesus Christ. only an idiot would follow this.

an antivirus is like using a condom.

don’t stick your dick in funny places, but you should still always have one.

an Anti virus/condom is a good first step towards prevention. But it isn’t an all out solution, no matter how good it is, so use your common sense and don’t fuck with places that don’t smell right. Without one though you’re pretty much hopeless.

Sometimes you might have a false alarm. Just go to Doctor Virustotal to double check and you’ll be perfectly fine, if not, you might need to remedy that really heavily.

Sorry but, common sense alone isn’t good enough.

anyways, OP, a good antivirus combo is malawarebytes (you have) and Avast! along with using virus total and no script on your browser. If something gets detected anyways but virus total doesn’t say its THAT bad, you COULD use but you probably are better off never bothering

false alarms are scary but common with any AV. Just trust your gut and act smart. If your AV starts seeing a ton of sudden infections out of the blue in random locations that might be a bad sign. Kind of like herpies.

Funnily enough, there was an exact same massive problem with Avast! not a few months ago. ( with hl2.exe ).

I am running ESET Smart Security, never had a problem.

Don’t use antivirus, it’s a scam.

I downloaded an antivirus once, and it gave me herpies

that’s how J!NX’s anology works right? I think?

people like you are the reason drive by attacks are so popular.

if you refuse to use even basic protection (occasional MBAM scans), then fine, it’s not my bank account that’s going to get drained, but don’t spread your FUD to people who don’t know better. legitimate sites that you know and trust can get compromised at any time (either directly or via ad networks), and this sort of thing happens on a regular basis. trust nobody, trust nothing, all sites are potentially hostile, reputation be damned.

the internet doesn’t have a “light side” and a “dark side” like some fucking comic book, malware can come from anywhere. I don’t care what you do or don’t do on the Internet, you’re connected, and therefore you’re a target.

Bank accounts are rarely, if ever, stolen via keyloggers/virus infections etc.

Thing with AVG and Avast are the damned heuristics.

Bank accounts are almost always stolen by keyloggers and virus infections… Or scammers who use the aforementioned to gain access.

All antivirus engines use some sort of heuristics. If you are unsure about the srcds executable, upload it to

Without being able to back it up with statistics, I think the main reason for bank accounts getting stolen is stupidity among people. AVs can’t stop everyone from doing stupid things.
At least that’s how it is here in Denmark. All bank accounts are secured with 2-factor (2. Is physical) authentication. The ONLY way is if people are stupid enough to upload their key card to some website, and AVs can’t really stop that… And people are that stupid.

AV is a false sense of security, but it’s not irrelevant. They don’t just sit in the background taking up resources, good AV does take care of exploits and picks off the low-hanging fruit of malicious software. I’ve gotten loads of usefulness out of AV because I sometimes inadvertently install adware because some program installer bundles it. The above posters that share my position also give excellent examples.

Correct, either spam, confidence tricks or exploiting of external 3rd party databases.
The days of keyloggers stealing bank account details changed with the vast majority of major banks by the addition of simple authentication methods. Enter digit 3 4 2 etc etc etc.