Screaming Eagles fighting FallSchirmJaegers.


Thats some epic sauce right there


Not bad.


Fuck No

Politics aside, Nice editing

What politics? Can’t I love my own country?

No I am not angry/anything like that for you or anyone else, I’m just little annoyed seeing this long time “Americans killing without casualties” etc shit like that. Games+movies made me hate every Ww2 game where you could play only allied campaign.

Nothing special here. Everything is good, but it’s not awesome.

Awesome Picture you gawt thar, May I ask where did you get the models?

I like your screenshot !And nice skin of M1 Carbine ! Where did you download it ?

Nice airborne M1 carbine.

:stuck_out_tongue: It was originally a custom model for DoD, I ported and re-smoothed/edited it.

Love the carbine.

Haven’y you ever played Red Orchestra-Ostfront? You play as either German or Russian. p.s. I would love if people ported the models from it for me lol. O and great pic

that’s quite epic and the redwood carbine is sex

Why was I expecting a TF2 pose?

it’s spelled fallschirmjäger.

I know, I just used the alternative American spelling :E