Screen bugs when playing a gamemode or using an addon that manipulates the camera.

This happens to me when connecting to OpenAura servers and on the third tutorial screen in the Liquid DarkRP gamemode. I’ve never encountered this problem before. It only started after I reinstalled Windows. Here is a screenshot of what I see on OpenAura:
(Not using image tags for the hell of loading the images.)
This is an old picture of what I see, but its still the same result when I get to the menu screen. Some of you may not notice, but if you look hard enough, you can see that the bottom right corner of the black screen is slightly brighter than the rest. That is where I see the flashes on the intro screens.
When I press escape on the menu screen, I have to press shift and tab to see this:
On LDRP I can get past this bug by using shift tab, then it all works fine. Its just OpenAura that I can’t seem to fix, and the only way to disconnect is by opening up the console and typing disconnect, which I can’t see either.
Things I’ve done:
Reinstalled garrysmod.
Defragmented garrysmod.
Updated my drivers.

I would be grateful if anyone has a solution for this problem. It is stopping me from playing on my friend’s OA server, which I really want to play on.