Screen color effect (Zombie)

Basically what the title says. A zombified red-dish color for the screen. Any one know were I can get a function or I can learn?

Use the **[Gamemode.RenderScreenspaceEffects](** hook, on that page there are links to all sorts of post processing effects like colormod and material overlay that you can use to make a zombie color effect.

I see ok thanks man.

Ok I found this , it seems to be a pretty good color for a infected zombie :P. How would you write a function for TEAM_INFECTED?

(“pp_mat_overlay 1”)
(“pp_mat_overlay_refractamount -0.04”)
(“pp_mat_overlay_texture models/props_lab/Tank_Glass001”)
(pp_bloom 1")
(“pp_bloom_darken 0.63”)

Add the following code snippet to the start of the function. It makes it not run for other teams than TEAM_INFECTED.
[lua]if(LocalPlayer():Team() ~= TEAM_INFECTED) then return; end[/lua]

if ( LocalPlayer():Team == TEAM_INFECTED ) then

– Your code/effects.


Don’t use console commands though, use the actual post processing functions.