screen recorders...plz help me!!!

okay, i have gmod and i want to record the screen to show my friends my videos but i cant find a screen recorder that works…this is mostly because i have windows 7, i tried xfire that worked, but the video was 4 minutes and was 2.2 gig’s (which is fuckin ridiculous), fraps worked until the game crashed 30 seconds after i pressed record it would say loading, then an error would come up and say half life 2 has stopped working…plz help me what should i use?

FRAPS, WeGame, etc etc

i’ll try wegame, i already tried fraps it just crashed the game

Source recorder,

It’s worth it!

Source recorder is fucking genious! But if you record hardcore physics, your game will be more likely to crash, when you record… Which is fucking annoying. For everyting else than source games; WeGame, no discussion there…