Screen stuck on face when I take LSD or Cocaine.

I took too much LSD in ICRP (PERP Server), and now i’m stuck in this screen, i’ve tried restarting GMOD, re-joining the server, getting respawned by an admin, and disabling, then uninstalling the drugs mod.

Go into singleplayer, go to post processing effects, and make sure everything is unchecked.

I just unchecked 1 box “Toy Town” and it’s still there, do I restart Gmod, or what?

Go to Post Processing tab, Overlay category, and check and uncheck something in there.

I do believe I need to do something against those moronic servers that do this.

OMG Thank you so much Robotboy655 i don’t know how to repay you, i’ve been looking for 2 1/2 hours. THANKS SO MUCH. <3 :smiley: