Screen Vision with cold/hot - needs to be toned back

Hi guys, love the update but the blurry vision in the desert and the screen look in cold biomes not good. It’s hard to play in the desert now with all that blurry stuff – there’s got to be a better solution. Maybe dial back the hot/cold screen effects? Understand the concept you were shooting for but the result really messes with the enjoyability of the game. Deserts are some of the best mining areas and spending any amount of time there even with clothes on has way to much blurred vision on my screen.

I think a good replacement for the desert effect would be to have the distance objects be blurry instead of the edges of the screen. This would simulate the effect of heat distortion that naturally occurs in hot places. Use the edge blurryness when our character is actually too hot, but not if we are cool enough.

Yeah screen filters are pretty lame

Even if you’re comfortably clothed (just pants in desert) you still see the overbearing overlay.

If you’re suited for your environment, you shouldn’t be subjected to these effects.

Only if you’re overheating should it be there.

Apparently a lot of people don’t like the cold overlay. I don’t think it’s as bad as others are saying but maybe it could be toned down just a tad. Having the screen stay blurry constantly can be a bit annoying, maybe having it come and go over a 2 minute interval would be enough to remind people of it without being too obstructing or intrusive.

Come up to the snow at night, then reconsider that. I have a buddy who keeps spawning at the house next to me, runs over but can’t find the house because he’s blind. Keep finding his dead body complaining next to my house.

It is nearly impossible to see anything when you get cold.

Both the heat and cold overlays are too intense atm, I think. I don’t mind them, but I think their effect, particularly the cold, are over-exaggerated.

I grew up in the sub-arctic where -40º and colder temps were the norm in winter. I can quite assure you that the cold does not affect vision in any significant way.

That said, Garry tweeted this last night…

I’ll just drop this here since my undescriptive thread got closed:

I’ve been going back and forth about the whole overlays idea. I like the concept of trying to emulate various conditions through a “realistic” screen effect, but after playing with the damage one that was added a couple weeks ago and the new hot and cold I’ve finally decided they suck - at least in their current state.

Taking damage or losing calories faster in different climates can be punishing enough (and I like that addition), but making it so we can’t see is just cheap. I was playing around with different ideas of just making subtle color shifts or having the overlay be more transparent, but then I realized no matter what it can’t fix how awful they are at night.

During the day they’re a nuisance, but at night they become this awful grungy border that blocks out everything. That combined with the obvious border between biomes (I was stepping on and off of grass and desert and watching my vision go from perfect to a snowy white wash in .05 seconds) is really annoying.

Possible solutions would be:

Make them a color filter so that heat causes things to appear yellowish-orange, and cold makes things bluer.

Just use icons like snowflakes or flames in the corner of the screen.

Also, the damage indicator is nice, but at night you can’t see a damn thing when you get hit. I got in a spear fight at night and when I got hit I couldn’t see anything because half my screen had that red overlay on it. Can something be done so that at night it’s not so obnoxious? Daytime it’s fine, and you can still see enough so you’re not just stabbing wildly in the dark.

I’d rather hear some kind of audio clues my guy is freezing/over heating/bleeding out, im fine with a bit of blood on the screen if i take a blow to the head but other wise pass.

It’s too in your face… would be ok if he clothing worked I guess. It’s not like your eyeballs suddenly start freezing over.

Yeah neat idea but it sucks and maybe this is one of those things that you just throw in the dumpster. My eyes started getting bothered with the overlays especially the horrible desert. Ambient sounds work so much better than this to create immersion.

Also, our eyes will blur out the edges all by themselves when we focus in the center of our monitor. We don’t need the game to simulate something that’s already happening.

What would be a good way to symbolize a cold climate in a video game overlay? I think the first step to improve the atmosphere would be to have snow falling, but I think there should still be some type of overlay that signifies the player is getting to cold. Maybe just a toned down version of the current form? I can’t really think of anything better.

Maybe breaths of cold air i.e. fx at the lower middle of the players screen? It would have it very minimal though so it isnt annoying, but noticeable.

maybe we should shiver when really cold, our view would shake, and when its really hot, sweat should drip down our view.

The cold/hot effects need to be removed playability is more important than visuals…

Yeah I too think that those overlay as bad, if you’re cold your vision is not “freezing” and if you’re hot your peripheral vision is not getting blurry. The effects must be others, like one running slower, getting tiered ir thirsty faster, the possibilities are endless but those overlays… Definitely a big no no for me.