Kudos if you know what I based this on.

Best fucking screenplay ever obviously.

Nice, love the credits at the bottom.

~welcome to the screenshots own zone~

Good luck.

where can I get tickets for this

I will masterbate to this movie.

obviously at the end of the film 69105 went so deep that he became a lonely old man waiting to die alone

only 5omeone could go deeper to save him

Only this time DiCaprio won’t come to help.

Hell no, Leo is way too mainstream… Even if he reached 69105, he’d tell him to GTFO.

Special effects, eh?

Speshul Effects.

Hm, gonna need more explosives then.

Taken was the shit.

I can’t wait for Taken II: Take Harder.

Liam Neeson as 69105? Sounds intense.

I actually heard a sequel got the green light :v:

It’s attractive to my eye so aha aha I like it. Too bad I cannot rate from my mobile phone.