screenies: gmod nature pics

ever taken a good picture of nature in gmod?? this is my first thread, but im posting some nice pictures of nature i took (theyre not ALL nature) but they would make nice backgrounds, i sure do use mine as a background

bright summers day

cold forest

fallen tree

forest stream

golden afternoon

lake scene

misty waterfall

oak sappling

suburban sunshine

under the bridge


please rate and enjoy!

I recommend fog override in rp_mountainvillage to fit the theme you want.


Those are pretty nice. I like taking nature pictures too.

Nature isn’t that blurry unless you have problems with your vision.

He probably used the bloom setting called bad eyes. :v:

Suburban sunshine sucks, no AA it seems, rest are fine, with exceptions of blur.

last pic is the best…other than that there all mediocre

hmmmm lol i dont like the lastone, i just took it becuase it looked sorta nice. personally i like the fallen log and the forest stream, and i used the colour mod things in gmod, not bad eyes, that mode makes my eyes water. blurryness is ok, its supposed to be art in game, not real life. but i think these would make ok backgrounds.

Looks like you just took pictures of a map and added filters.

Pretty much what he did, Mad.

yea i did lol, but i dont get it, why do u guys care how i made it? i thought i made these just for a nice background…

… thats wat everyone dose with landscape pics. what else are you meant to do?

Not to be mean and all, but if I wanted a nature background with blur all over it, then I would have taken it myself with a camera from the 90’s while driving 70 MPH in a sports car.

Really, blur is a problem and the nature isn’t really there. If you’re going to make nature pictures, atleast try to make them look real.

The only image that isn’t a complete fuckup is your Golden afternoon.