Screenshot Collection

Just a random collection of some screenshots I made… I loving doing ragdoll posing & SDK map making.

Edit: Most of these were on an old laptop of mine… sorry for ehh quality.

Warning: Viewer discretion advised.

A map of mine…

Testing shadows…

Again, my map.

And again.


Now that’s a lot of pictures dude.

Alright, some advises:

  1. I can see those jaggy edges and blurred textures. When you’re taking pictures remember to always have max settings on, no matter how much it lags.
  2. Don’t use the simple depth of field. Only use the SDOF or the depth of field from any picture editing software.
  3. Work on your camera angles. You know you can rotate the camera by holding right mouse button? You can also zoom in and out that way.
  4. It’s noticeable that you were simply bored or lacking any ideas (G-Man standing here and there over dead bodies kinda isn’t interesting), so you’ve posted what you’ve made no matter how it looks. Try being more ambitious, think about what you want to create and spend some more time on it. For example that “Sonar Washer in Space Thingy” is a genious idea, just needs some improvements. Quality over quantity!
  5. Use picture editing software like Photoshop or Gimp, edit your picture to make them eye candy. Play with colors, contrast and brightness because I can barely see that muzzleflash from the pistol that soldier’s shooting from.
  6. Avoid taking pictures when you have those bloody notifications or Fraps/Bandicam fps counts. Hide them all and take screenshots when your screen is crystal clear.
  7. Try working with high detailed models. It might be hard at the beginning, but you just simply need to keep working with them.
  8. Taking pictures from your unfinished that are supposed to be test maps does not belong here, unless you’re making a scenebuild. Post them on any SDK forum/site.

I see some potential. Just keep improving your work and post something you’ve put a lot of effort.


That picture is from World in Conflict, not Gmod you Sly Cooper!

don’t use NPC’s or regular DoF, use super DoF instead

How could you post such violent images?!
My 12 year old son frequents this forum and I’m appalled that this is what he looks at!
Get some class you freak! What do you do, sit in your mother’s basement slathering yourself with Vaseline and jerk it into a sock wishing you were in real combat?

I’m sorry, just bored. That’s not at all real.
As for your pictures: don’t take pictures of a map unless it was made by someone like Oskutin.
And even then, he’ll prolly have better pictures so don’t bother.
Don’t take pictures of random assortments of props unless the props and their surroundings look nice (like really high-res textures and shit on everything).

As for everything else, you kind of need to work on everything if you want people to tell you you’re good.
Nothing you put up was terrible. Not even bad. Just not good. Try and avoid (read: completely avoid) using NPCs if you can. Unless they’re blurred out of focus they look terrible.
You’re posing is really eh. I don’t know if it’s the ragdolls’ fault or yours, but it does need work. The only pose I can believe is the last one with the zombine.
And if you can find custom maps, start finding custom models.
You really want to pick out ragdolls and models by people like Taggart, Lt_C, Nexus, etc. They produce high quality things and they’re a hell of a lot easier to move around.

But stick with it bud, and if I were you, I’d encourage harsh criticism.

First Is should learn how to use one or the other… which is best? Most user friendly?

And tehehehehe I knew someone would find that.

  • Thanks!

Eh. GIMP is free and able, you can get plug-ins for it, but Photoshop is more in depth however does cost money.

But even then, don’t worry about editing until you can pump out creations worth editing.
Practice all your skills in the game first. Make something look perfect with just those, then find an editing software.

I’ll have to check their models out…

And thank you for the advice!

Photoshop CS2 is free as Adobe released it for free a few months back. It’s very useful to this day. I say learn it, but GIMP is also a good choice. Try both out, see which you like more if you can’t decide.

But yes, an idea for posing is to get a reference picture up, it helps loads. Say you are posing a rifle wielding man aiming down the sights, googling “rifle aiming stance” will usually provide a helpful picture. You can always use yourself for reference as well if need be.

I myself use the Ragdoll mover ever since it came out, but physgun if you have much more patience to master it is also very usable. I think most the masterpieces posted here were done by Physgun so it is possible, just need to practice lots. Might be worth giving it a try along with the standpose tool, sadly for unknown reasons some models will just not work with it.

But these are not that bad, they show a good grasp of basics, and your willing to listen to this advice shows promise, too. Keep it up, and I bet you’ll be making some fantastic shots someday.

I know it’s wrong thread, but it’s only thread I found, I will appreciated if you help me with this, So my friend is having a nice looking screenshot, he is using it as he’s profile picture, I asked him “where did you get that amazing profile picture?” He replied “hack” so I replied “what?” He said he is using a hack to do it, I was thinking it’s an sfm or gmod, besides he’s not giving me the hack name, so any ideas on what hack he is using?

How about you show us the picture?

So… don’t take pictures at all?

Yea, you nailed it, bud.

Don’t be facetious. No one wants to see another ‘artsy’ screen shot of a landscape that you didn’t even make. And if you did make it, it better be a damn good landscape.
Landscapes are generally uninteresting, especially in game.