Screenshot Competition V1 - Trouble in Terrorist Town Themed

Let me give you a little introduction to who I am.
For about 3 years now I’ve been lurking in the screenshot threads and saving all of the screenshots I’ve ever liked.
I currently have 4,000 screenshots from facepunch a lone saved on my hard drive.
It’s a little obsession I’ve had for a long time now and I just love all the stuff I see on here.
I’ve been wanting to do screenshot competition, So here we are!

First Place - Any -Game- on Steam (lonefirewarrior)
First Place - 15 USD Steamwallet Gift (Myself)
Second Place - 10 USD Steamwallet Gift (Myself)
Third Place - 5 USD Steamwallet Gift (Myself)

**I’m looking for more people to pitch in some prizes! (Steam Games and such)
Deadline is Oct, 11st.

I’ll pitch in a Steam game for whoever wins. Any game, any price. But it has to be one game. No collections, DLC, super special edition type shits or megapacks.

**And the game has to be released by the time the competition is over.

Thanks you’re too generous!

And then between now and the 31st, some game comes out with a $1000 price tag.

Buy me Starcitizen pls.

Nah, but I might join in if you let me use SFM, been having loads of trouble with GMod lately (mostly personal ones, but trouble none-the-less).

I dont know, Should I let SFM count as a submission?

I think you should.

Considering that posing in SFM is not much different from GMod and the results are nearly exactly the same except for the Ambient Occlusion (which can be turned off) I think it should be allowed.

Alright then sure SFM screenshots are allowed.

Not entirely happy about the min res, but I guess I’ll have to use poster to get around it.

Why a minimum resolution size?

I’m down for this. Let’s do it.

I’m in.
So, do we just post it right here starting now?

Also, may I make a suggestion?

Shortening the deadline to perhaps just a few days from now would work out better if you ask me. I’ve noticed that contests that go on for more then a week usually get forgotten by participants and viewers alike. I know people are busy and these things take time, but a month seems like much.

I’ll give it a try. Never really posed anything good, so I’ll put all my effort into this.

I completely agree with TheGoodDoctorF, a month is a little excessive. Shortening it would definitely spark more excitement in this community. If it’s too long, people lose interest - myself included, haha.

Will there be judges? If so, how are the scores based off of, a set criteria? I’m for sure going to compete in this competition! Very excited :v:

Deadline changed to Friday, Oct 16th.

I’m still figuring out who the judges will be but the criteria for this competition will be:

  1. Interpretation and the clarity of the theme to the viewer.

  2. Creativity and originality of the depicted theme.

  3. Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the theme.

  4. Overall impression of the screenshot.

You went from a month to 6 days? I think like two weeks is the sweet spot.

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Maybe like, October 16th ish.

I’ll gladly hop on as one of the judges.

If you’re participating in this competition please make a reply.