Screenshot critiques

I was hoping to get some honest and constructive opinions on this. I’ve played around with Gmod in the past, but I recently bought it and am still learning what all I can do with it.

This is by far the most elaborate picture I’ve taken, and I’m pretty pleased with it.

While I have your attention, any suggestions on how to avoid those jagged edges? (Every video option is set to max, including anti-aliasing.)

The AA issues look like it might be caused by the phong but I’m not sure.

There are numerous ways you could remove that in post-processing with some carefully isolated small amounts of blur or perhaps a little bit of detailed smudging. Don’t overdo it though or you might make it look worse than it already is.

how far does your anti aliasing go? 2x? it looks like 2x.

anyway, one of the big problems may not be with the antialiasing itself but some textures require bigger resolutions to look good without error. fakefactory, for example, pretty much requires a behemoth resolution (1200x1600/1920x1080 or better) to show most models without having the textures get all aliasy. same with some custom gun models.

I have my anti-aliasing set on 8x, the highest available to me.

Since it’s a model ripped from another game, it seems that the model’s texture is most likely the issue, especially since that’s the only part of the picture with the jagged edges occurring.

I suppose I’ll just have to do it in post if I want it to look perfect. Just for the sake of asking, though, there’s not a console command or launch option to set a custom resolution to render screenshots at in gmod is there? Because that would be nice.