screenshot protips?

hey! i hope this is the proper place for this thread, but i was seeing the amazing screenshots from gmod and other titles, that i can never seem to manage. im sure a combination of perfect lighting, photoshop and skill is involved, but i was wondering if any veteran posers had tips? or recommendations for mods or maps that help with screens?

here is an example.

i have those same models, but cant seem to make it look that badass. there seems to be particles, fire, smoke and such. any tips would be appreciated.

oh and one quick thing, how can i post a screen from my pc? i seem to only be able to post them from an internet link.

The thread you used as a example, please don’t go for anything looking like that. That’s my tip, everything else you should be able to find in the rules section(there’s tutorials there.)

Zoom in the camera, this helps get rid of empty space, never have empty space.

Never use simple DoF

Bump all your graphics as high as it will go before taking a screen shot.

Look at your screenshot from all possible ways it could be misunderstood then alter it to make your view the only view you want them to see.

I find this pretty useful for the posing part, but 90% of it just uses the tools the game comes with. there’s a couple of other STools you might find useful, like the Ragdoll Mover and perhas the Advanced Duplicator in case you want to move a few ragdolls to a different map, but as far as I know most people here just do without those.

in terms of maps, try looking around GameBanana (the CS:S section in particular) and, but you’ll only want to look at the highest rated or highest downloaded because there are some godawful maps in both those places.

tips: recreate a pose in your mirror after you’ve finished posing. if it’s uncomfortable, change the pose the ragdoll is in so it’s in a position you find comfortable. type “jpeg_quality 140” in the developer console at some point, and do the same in the Steam launch options. and this is more for after you’re done with the screenshot: if you don’t put time and effort into the picture it’ll likely reflect on it very obviously, and we probably won’t want to see it.

you don’t want to use that as an example. the only fire and smoke there is is from the HL2 explosion effect he’s using in-game, and you don’t want to use that because it’s from a comparatively old game.

for things to strive towards though, there’s things like this, this, and everything Joazzz has done ever. if we’re all super difficult to please, it’s because of these badass dudes making such cool stuff. just keep making up original ideas and take everyone’s advice when they give you it, and there’s a decent chance you’ll eventually do something awesome.

you can’t show us a picture straight from your computer unless you have DropBox, and I don’t know how to work that. it’s a fairly simple process though - just go to an image uploading site, say, FileSmelt or Uppix (there are of course others but they usually fuck up image quality), and press the upload button. then it’s just a matter of finding the picture you want, uploading it, then taking the link it gives you and putting it in tags.

well, hopefully your first image will be pretty cool, but if it doesn’t and it looks like we’re all being dicks, don’t flip out. the advice we’ll give you is super-important to getting good at this.

Use more shit matter and dicks.

Listen to this veteran.

to become a professional licensed screenshotter like me you have to e-mail your credit card details, full name and house address to


It’s been quite a while since my initiation, but if I recall, the process involves a hot red poker going in your rectum at some point.

After that, you’re screenshots become amazing.