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Those commies

I wonder if this is worth $1.50 purely for the Contagion content. Can you even use it in gmod?

Okay, so I’m playing Geoguessr again and there I was, somewhere in Romania…

An old guy just lying down in a field, quite far from any village or town.

So, what do you guys think about this?

Was it just an old man trying escape the stress of the civilized world or was it just an old man who fell down and couldn’t get back up?

The Contagion Content Works fine in Gmod, the only thing is that you cant use the maps

More likely the first one. Due to the pose he is in.

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hey guys it’s me coming back with another request

does anyone know what props are used in this:

You could’ve just PM’d me or something, you know.

The cliffs with trees in the background - HL2ep2 cliffs
Dead trees, rocks and the antenna - TheMask’s scenebuild pack
Sandbags, the cloth thrown over them and the dust effects - My Spec Ops: The Line pack
Those wood panels are just textures from Vietcong(2003) that I slapped onto a model.
Soldiers - Simkas’ Vietnam US guys
The helicopter - Kali’s Black Ops vehicle pack
The ground - CrazyKnife’s detailed scenebuild stuff

did you release the spec ops: the line pack yet?

Nope. Still sort of working on it

However, I might release it again, because sometimes I just don’t feel like working on it at all anymore.

>SFM crashed while I was working on a huge scenebuild and managed to autosave without a map loaded, and now crashes every time I try to load one on said save.


is there any way to use the super dof tool and the poster_soft_aa command?

Was fucking around with that CS:GO footballer model, and I think out this turned out pretty okay. It’s far from accurate but it’s something.
What do you guys think?[/t][t]

looks good to me

where is the cs:go footballer model from? is it already in the content or somewhere else?

It should be in the mod download, yeah.

Back from Liverpool.

my liver is now in a pool of its own blood


Welcome back to Civilization!

god i really want to make a picture involving fire but ill never be as good as this guy

is there even a way to make good, realistic, roaring flames in photoshop

Best guess for this image: computer wallpaper

Woop, going to have a video interview with a recruiter from Avalanche Studios later this week. Wish me luck.
(I’m partially nervous and partially freaking out, didn’t think my application would attract much interest.)

On a related note, anyone here whom happen to have any experience with video interviews?